Pepper exports soar over four-month period

Vietnam exported 92,000 tonnes of peppers worth US$274 million during the opening four months of the year, with the export volume in April reaching a total of 30,000 tonnes worth US$94 million, according to data released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

This figure represents a decline of 21.3% in volume and a rise of 10.3% in value compared to the same period from last year, with the country’s largest pepper export markets being the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan.

Furthermore, the average export price of peppers during the reviewed period surged by 31.7% to reach US$2,883 per tonne compared to last year’s corresponding period.

Meanwhile, the pepper prices have seen fluctuations in the global market with the price of country’s black and white peppers over the past week falling 1% and 2%, respectively from the previous week. Indeed, the average price was at US$2,651 per tonne for black peppers and US$4,222 per tonne for white peppers.

The price of India’s Malabar black peppers remained stable at US$5,037 per tonne, while the price of Indonesia’s black peppers increased by 1% to an average of US$3,345 per tonne from the previous week.

Furthermore, the price of white peppers from Indonesia dropped by 1% to US$6,021 per tonne compared to the previous week, while Malaysia's black and white peppers rose by 1% and 2% to reach US$3,333 per tonne and US$5,027 per tonne, respectively, from last week.

In terms of the domestic market, the price of peppers ranges from VND63,500 to VND68,000 per kilo in localities, a decline of between VND6,000 and VND10,000 per kilo compared to two months ago.


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