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Hoa Trang Gia Lai was private enterprise, established in 1996, registered capital of 50 billion, 25-year continuous activity in the field of export of agricultural products in Vietnam consists of 2 main items is coffee Robusta) and pepper seeds, Hoa Trang Gia Lai has become one of the 13 most prestigious export enterprises in Vietnam and is the top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam. 

Our products are always the best quality right from raw materials to finished products and the stitching was present in more than 10 countries around the world such as USA, uk, Italya, Singapore, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, China, India, Egypt ... 

Coffee processing plants of our exports is located on an area of land near 12500 square meters, with an area of warehouses and factories near 10000 square meters along the lines of the most modern machinery and equipment currently has production capacity of up to 500 tons/day. Complete production systems tech sorting seeds, each line has a capacity of 12.5 ton reach classification of coffee per hour, plus a system of high quality products have the capacity reached 15 tons/hour.

We understand that "human resources development" is the process of creating and using comprehensive human capacity for socio-economic progress and improve yourself every human.Therefore, parallel with the strategy of developing its business, our company has a very special emphasis on the human element in the comprehensive development strategy and the sustainability of the company. During nearly 20 years, human resources is the most important part of Hoa Trang Gia Lai, which is a combination of different people, the diversity of culture and the experiences in the industry. By strategic HR Management main reasonable, good remuneration policy, competitive and attractive we have built a team of talents have vision, there is enthusiasm, they are people who have more experience have knowledge of the airline industry, ensure full growth strategy unit.

Sustainability as a core business strategy. We are members of the Association of 4C (The principle coffee producing practices according to international standards) so that we contribute to the sustainable development of the coffee sector. The more important is that we understand the profit in the long term of Hoa Trang mounting with the profit of the farmer suppliers.

The success that we are today can in part due to the risk management process, help us manage and minimize risks during the optimal manufacturing process of your business. As we enhance the ability to control risk by investing on the quality and processing plants for product quality innovation, investment in infrastructure, to create a work environment and the selection of sustainable partners around the world.

Vietnam - The world's largest coffee exporter | VTV World

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